Monday, June 26, 2006

Holy rumors!

Everyone has heard the myth about Batman and Robin being, how could I put it... an item? This was reinforced by the classic book "Seduction of the Innocent", by Frederic Wertham, published in 1954. While it's true that some horror stories were going too far in terms of cruelty and violence at the time, Wertham is said to have seen more than he was supposed to in some drawings. Who knows?

Anyway, this panel (copied from a discussion forum but allegedly sourced from the Superdickery site) would certainly give the likes of Wertham a field day, wouldn't it? Surprisingly, this is probably from the 60's, a time when writers were carefully trying to dispel any rumors about Batman and Robin being anything else than guardian and ward in a father-son relationship. This was when Alfred was killed (but later brought back) and Aunt Harriet was introduced to give Wayne Manor a "female balance", so to speak. Maybe the writer had no ulterior motives here, but all the other heroes think of their significant others while Batman wonders, in no uncertain terms, "what he has done" to Robin. You mean you didn't have your gloves on, Batman?


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