Sunday, July 02, 2006


Daredevil was one of my favorite Marvel super-heroes. These panels were copied from the excellent book "Marvel Masterworks Vol. 17" featuring the first 12 Daredevil stories, but my introduction to the character took place in 1969 when he was launched in Brazil as "Demolidor" (literally "Demolisher" - there is no actual translation for "daredevil" in Portuguese). I liked the idea of a blind hero whose remaining senses were so heightened that he actually had a better perception of his surroundings than normal sighted people.

But these two panels caught my attention. They were taken from different stories. In the first one, we learn that water deadens Daredevil's hearing sense. This was written by Stan Lee, who created the character, so we should assume this to be the norm. In the second story, though, Lee handed over the writing duties to artist Wally Wood. Suddenly, water is not a problem to Daredevil anymore. Underwater, his radar becomes "sonar". If I were to apply to Marvel's legendary "no prize", I could say Daredevil eventually learned how to use his senses underwater.

Foggy Nelson also looks fat, then in shape, then fat again from story to story, but as someone who has weight problems myself, I can say this is closer to real life than having him look always the same. Inconsistencies in comic books are rather common and they make the comics universe even more fascinating.


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